Specialist Matelec Ranges


Reduce your home's dependence on the municipality.
Go Solar.

A SOLO Problem

The Situation
We depend on a municipality for basic services: Electricity and Water
The First Problem
We can’t always depend on them to provide these services reliably.
The Second Problem
Finding solutions can be fraught with complex articles, industry jargon and people willing to take advantage of people needing assistance.
The Solution
We can help makes sense of all this.
Follow our easy plan to simplify your journey to a self-sufficient home.
Get independent. GO SOLO.

Lifetime Lighting

Beautiful Outdoor Wall Lighting, Path Lighting and Perimeter Lighting

How Lifetime Lighting Can Help You

The Lifetime Lighting range has been lighting homes beautifully for more than 35 years. Our products are high quality and hand assembled by South Africans. We will help you find your perfect lights for your home, and are committed to Lifetime Lighting’s unique 10-year corrosion warranty so that you can rest easy in your selection.

Lifetime Lighting

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